June 7th, 2005

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((Hope you don't mind, but I replaced best and worst qualitites with history and personality)))

NAME: Dr. John Truman Carter, III

AGE: 34

HEIGHT: 6'1''

WEIGHT: 175lbs

BODY TYPE: Average

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown

CAREER: Attendee in the ER

Dr. Carter is the ER's Chief Resident. He's affectionately regarded by his co-workers, who watched him mature from a naive medical student into a respected leader. After briefly pursuing a career in surgery, he decided that the ER was where he belonged.

After a violent attack by a patient left a medical student dead and seriously wounded him, Carter succumbed to substance abuse. Supportive co-workers helped him seek treatment. Carter also began a relationship with Abby, but family troubles with both of them and their busy work schedules seem to thwart any chance they had at a long-term partnership.

Carter's recent work in Africa through Doctors Without Borders has made him focus on the important things in life and inspired him to help others. He recently left the ER (and Abby) to return to Africa indefinitely.

“Emergency Room”
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