Emma Rylie (orlandoself) wrote in er_roleplaying,
Emma Rylie

It had been a really long day and Jackie was looking forward to her dinner date with Carter. She was signing off on all of her patients that had been checked out that day when the lights went out.

"You have got to be kidding me." Jackie said as the people around her started to panic. Jackie grabbed some flashlights out of a near by drawer and turned them on. "Okay everyone, it's just a power outage," she said speaking to everyone who could hear her, "The power should be back on shortly. Till then please stay calm." She turned to the doctors, "We need to get the generators out and hooked up for our criticals on machines. Well, get to it!"


"No WAY!" Ray shouted. He was in the middle of assisting with surgery when the power went out. "Oh crap, get me a flashlight or something so I can see, and now!" The nurses got out their flashlights and gave the doctor some light. "I'm going to need some help with this, get Mischa in here!"
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