Piper (viggosranger) wrote in er_roleplaying,

The next morning, Mischa woke with a giant hangover. "Oh, God... What the hell happened last night?"

She said this as she was staggering into the kitchen, finding the house unfamiliar so she followed her nose to the smell of hazelnut coffee. There, she found John, Jackie and Luka all standing there, staring at her. Raising her eyebrows, Mischa came in slightly closer. "Where am I?"

John set down his cup of coffee, coughing a little. "My house..." The coffee was making him feel sick to his stomach. He wanted to hurl again.

Mischa sat down in a chair at the counter, looking at Jackie accusingly. "You did this to me. You knew that if you got me to a bar, I'd get drunk! I can't believe you!"
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