Emma Rylie (orlandoself) wrote in er_roleplaying,
Emma Rylie

"Is he going to be okay?" Jackie asked nervously.
"Yeah." Luka sadi, sounding not really sure of himself, "After all, he is a doctor, he should know."
"Yea, a drunk doctor." Jackie said under her breath.

Luka walked over to the couch where Mischa was spralled out. he pulled a blanket off a near by chair and covered her with it.

Jakcie paced outside the bathroom door. Should she go in? Should she let him be? Is he passed out on the floor? Frankly, she was starting to get more angry at him for getting drunk in the first place. He should know better. He's a doctor for crying out loud. She just wanted to go in there and slap him, but she knew she couldn't. Jackie took a deep breath and opened to bathroom door to see Carter leaning up against the counter wih his eyes closed.
"A-are you alright?" she asked quietly.
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