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[12 Jun 2005|08:43pm]

It had been a really long day and Jackie was looking forward to her dinner date with Carter. She was signing off on all of her patients that had been checked out that day when the lights went out.

"You have got to be kidding me." Jackie said as the people around her started to panic. Jackie grabbed some flashlights out of a near by drawer and turned them on. "Okay everyone, it's just a power outage," she said speaking to everyone who could hear her, "The power should be back on shortly. Till then please stay calm." She turned to the doctors, "We need to get the generators out and hooked up for our criticals on machines. Well, get to it!"


"No WAY!" Ray shouted. He was in the middle of assisting with surgery when the power went out. "Oh crap, get me a flashlight or something so I can see, and now!" The nurses got out their flashlights and gave the doctor some light. "I'm going to need some help with this, get Mischa in here!"
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Early Morning [08 Jun 2005|04:40pm]

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John walked into the hospital and was welcomed as usualy by some of the nurses and the desk clerk. He gave a small nodd and then disappeared into the lounge. He walked to his locker and opene dit up. He took off the black coat he always wore and hung it on one of the hooks in the locker. He took out the white lab coat and slipped it on.

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[07 Jun 2005|02:03pm]

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((Hope you don't mind, but I replaced best and worst qualitites with history and personality)))

NAME: Dr. John Truman Carter, III

AGE: 34

HEIGHT: 6'1''

WEIGHT: 175lbs

BODY TYPE: Average

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown

CAREER: Attendee in the ER

Dr. Carter is the ER's Chief Resident. He's affectionately regarded by his co-workers, who watched him mature from a naive medical student into a respected leader. After briefly pursuing a career in surgery, he decided that the ER was where he belonged.

After a violent attack by a patient left a medical student dead and seriously wounded him, Carter succumbed to substance abuse. Supportive co-workers helped him seek treatment. Carter also began a relationship with Abby, but family troubles with both of them and their busy work schedules seem to thwart any chance they had at a long-term partnership.

Carter's recent work in Africa through Doctors Without Borders has made him focus on the important things in life and inspired him to help others. He recently left the ER (and Abby) to return to Africa indefinitely.

“Emergency Room”

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NEW STORY LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [17 Nov 2004|03:56pm]

"And that's why I can't live without-... Damnit!"
Ray pressed his hand agains the strings of his guitar to stop the sound. He had been up on the roof for about three hours now and even though he had been playing, his mind was else where, on someone else. Ray began strumming again but then gave up and set down his guitar and walked to the edge of the building. He was so obsorbed in his thoughts that he jumped when he heard the door to the roof close.
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[27 Sep 2004|11:04pm]

The next morning, Mischa woke with a giant hangover. "Oh, God... What the hell happened last night?"

She said this as she was staggering into the kitchen, finding the house unfamiliar so she followed her nose to the smell of hazelnut coffee. There, she found John, Jackie and Luka all standing there, staring at her. Raising her eyebrows, Mischa came in slightly closer. "Where am I?"

John set down his cup of coffee, coughing a little. "My house..." The coffee was making him feel sick to his stomach. He wanted to hurl again.

Mischa sat down in a chair at the counter, looking at Jackie accusingly. "You did this to me. You knew that if you got me to a bar, I'd get drunk! I can't believe you!"
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[28 Aug 2004|10:34pm]

"Is he going to be okay?" Jackie asked nervously.
"Yeah." Luka sadi, sounding not really sure of himself, "After all, he is a doctor, he should know."
"Yea, a drunk doctor." Jackie said under her breath.

Luka walked over to the couch where Mischa was spralled out. he pulled a blanket off a near by chair and covered her with it.

Jakcie paced outside the bathroom door. Should she go in? Should she let him be? Is he passed out on the floor? Frankly, she was starting to get more angry at him for getting drunk in the first place. He should know better. He's a doctor for crying out loud. She just wanted to go in there and slap him, but she knew she couldn't. Jackie took a deep breath and opened to bathroom door to see Carter leaning up against the counter wih his eyes closed.
"A-are you alright?" she asked quietly.
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[26 Aug 2004|07:29pm]

The four staggered into John Carter's house. Carter was totally out of it, stumbling along with Jackie for his support. Luka took Mischa to the living room and lay her on the couch, noting that she had most likely been asleep for about ten minutes.

Carter hesitated for a moment before putting his hand to his forehead. The resistance against the booze wore off and he pulled away from Jackie, sprinting down the hall to his bathroom. There were a few moments of silence before retching into the toilet was heard.

Luka and Jackie looked at each other with a sigh.
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[24 Aug 2004|09:23pm]

"It's been such a long time since I've done that." Jackie laughed as Carter set her down on the floor, still with their arms around each other. Carter raised as eyebrow at her. "What? It's not like I was a stripper or anything, I just like to have fun." The two laughed. Jackie leaned up to John and kissed him lightly. "How about we go and get some drinks?" Carter nodded and they headed over to the bar tables to sit down.

Luka was staring at Mischa, astonished. She had just... fallen into his arms. He felt like time was slowing down and all the world seemed to slip away. He tried to get words out of his mouth but nothing was coming to mind. Soon Luka could start to hear the world around him again. He was standing right next to a speaker and it was hurting his head. "How about we... uhm.. go and sit down."
"Uh huh." Mischa stumbled out. They moved off the dance floor and over to the tables. "Where?"
"Well... there's John and Jackie."
Luka and Mischa headed joined the other two and a couple hours and several drinks later, Jackie looked down at her watch and gasped. It was already two in the morning.
"We should really get going you guys." Jackie said. Carter looked at her blankly.
"How about we get out of here." Luka said after noticing Mischa starting to sway in her seat. The four of them left the bar and Luka started calling for a cab. Jackie had to put Carters arm around her shoulder to hold him up. He had had a lot more drinks than Jackie had thought, or he just doesn't do well with alcohol. Then again, Mischa was just a few feet away leaning against the wall waiving at invisible things in the air. After a couple of minutes of waiting, a light rain started fall, then it came down in large drops.
"We can't wait much longer, we need to get them on a couch or something." Jackie said to Luka.
"Then we'll just walk."
"Where are we going to go?" Jackie asked.
"Uh...well, I doubt that they're going to like it if I bring two drunks into the hotel. Can we go to your place?"
"No. It's miles from here. Mischa and I took a cab."
"Well, then I guess John's place is the nearest."
"I know where it is." Jackie and Luka sad is unison.
There was an awkward silence for a moment.
"Let's... go." Luka finally said. He picked up Mischa, who was now mumbling to herself, and carried her in her arms. Jackie had Carter leaned up against her and they all started walking.
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[19 Aug 2004|09:53am]

Half the song was spent dancing in front of Luka and Carter and Mischa was completely having the time of her life. It was better to play hard to get in her opinion. Soon enough, the song ended and both Jackie and Mischa stood up completely and let themselves fall forward.

"Gah!!" Carter cried out as he caught Jackie, stumbling a little before setting her on her feet, "You two are crazy!"

Mischa fell into Luka's arms a bit easier, who quickly helped her stand back up. "Thanks, Luka."
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[18 Aug 2004|10:59pm]

Jackie pulled away form Carter, put one arm around his waist and spun around him.  Somewhere behind him, she let go and when Carter turned around, she was gone.  

Luka didn't even realize that he had closed his eyes.  He felt Mischa grab his hands and lift them up into the air and when he opened his eyes, she was gone.  Luka looked around frantically.  Through the crowd he spotted Carter standing still looking for someone.  Luka wondered where Jackie could've gone as well.  He waslked over to Carter.  
"Where did they go?"  Luka yelled.  Carter shrugged.  Both men looked around at the bar and the surrounding people.  The song ended.  "They couldn't be far." Luka said.  On the speakers, instead of a drum beat or electric guitare, a high pitched voice came out of them. 
'I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world...'
"Oh my God." Luka said.  Carter looked at Luka and he was staring at the stage.  When Carter looked, he saw what Luka saw.  On the stage, the dancers had gathered to the side, and in the center, sillouetted against the dim lights were Jackie and Mischa.  The lights came on as the music started going and they started dancing.  Luka and Carter were pushing their way to the front of the room and to the stage. 
"What are you doing?" Luka shouted at Mischa.  But all she did was lean in towards him and tease him wiht her dance moves as she mouthed the words to the song.

"This is so great!" Jackie shouted to Mischa.  The two girls had met up on the dancefloor and planned to take over the stage.  They had no idea what they were doing, or what the other was going to do, but they were in perfect sync and there were several shouts adn whistling from the dance floor. 
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[18 Aug 2004|10:48pm]

Mischa felt chills run up her spine from his as she felt his touch through her clothes. This felt awfully strange, though. He was her co-worker, her boss. Wasn't this totally against the rules? Perhaps she should just forget about it for once and enjoy the fact that Luka was totally into her.

Carter's eyebrows raised at this. "You worked at a bar? Well, that's not too surprising, actually!"
After a moment, he leaned down and kissed Jackie, a bit longer than the previous night. It was actually quite easy for them to dance and kiss at the same time. Carter pulled away, the song beginning to end. He was out of breath.
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[18 Aug 2004|10:39pm]

Luka felt Mischa pulling away from her so he put his hands on her hips and pulled her back to him. He put his head next to hers to they were one again. Mischa looked up at him and he smiled back at her.

"I used to work in a bar back in college." Jackie shouted into his ear. They were almost fast slow dancing from the position they were in. Jackie put her hands on the back of Carter's head. They were almost cheek to cheek.
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[18 Aug 2004|10:33pm]

Mischa turned her back to Luka and moved closer, beginning to grind with him. It took her a moment before she realized what she was doing and pulled away a little bit. It might make Luka feel a little uncomfortable.

Carter was soon moving with Jackie, almost as if they were one person. He stared deeply down into her eyes with a smile. Eventually, they were closer than ever and doing the "Lambada" dance, or as some would say, the "Sex through your jeans" dance. Carter's hands moved to the back of Jackie's hips as he moved with her. "You're better than I ever thought!" he yelled over the music, "Where'd you learn to dance?"
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[18 Aug 2004|10:26pm]

Luka was mesmerized. He watched Mischa become a whole new person before his eyes. Watching her and listening to the music made him feel like his pulse was going to same beat. She came closer to him, and he started to move to the beat too, matching her move.

Jackie was in an eye lock with carter as she danced. She was grinning. Feeling warm and happy. To her side she could sense Mischa near by. The crowd around them was getting tighter. Carter and Jackie were inches from on another.
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[18 Aug 2004|10:22pm]

Once out on the dancefloor, Mischa had begun to totally loosen up. The beat of the music got her swaying her hips back and forth as she raised her hands above her head, dancing in front of Luka. She tried not to look at him for fear of embarrassing herself but still, they were growing awfully close together.

John hadn't really the slightest clue as to what he was doing. How did men dance at clubs, anyhow? He hadn't done it for such a long time... Eventually, he just tried to move his body with the beat and look like he knew what he was doing. He could only hope that Jackie would help him out in getting the hang of it.
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[18 Aug 2004|10:12pm]

"Yes." Luka nodded his head over to the bar counter when Carter looked at him. As the two approached the bar, the croud cleared and they got a full view of the two girls. Mischa was sitting on a barstool and Jackie was leaned up agaist the bar with her elbows on the counter. "Wow." was all Luka could say. They finally made their way across to them.

"There they are." Jackie said to Mischa. Mischa turned around to see Luka and Carter coming. As they meet, there was a long awkward silence between the group. "How about we go and dance." Jackie finally said. They all filed out onto the dance floor.
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[18 Aug 2004|10:11pm]

"Hmph..." Mischa eyed Jackie for a moment before making her way to the bar, "I need a drink to loosen up a little bit."

It was about ten minutes later that Carter came inside with Luka. He looked around for Jackie or her friend, finding no sign of them right away. He started to panic.

"Do you see them?"
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[18 Aug 2004|09:59pm]

"Chill out, they'll be here in a little while. I told them we'd meet them inside."
Jackie looked very excited, but really she was a little nervous as well. She hoped that going to a club was a good idea. 'Naw,' she thought, 'everything will be fine since there are going to be four of us.' "Hurry up inside, I'm freezing." Jackie was wearing a black pleated miniskirt with her black leather knee high boots. She had a black and white shirt on and a large belt hanging low on her waist.
Inside was a rush of sound and strong scent of beer, vodka, and other alcohol. It was one big room. The center was a dance floor and in the front was a stage where dancers were dancing just out of reach from the guys in front of them. On the other three walls, there was one long bar counter stretching all the way across. On one side of the room there were a couple tables apart form the bar.
"Just like old times." Jackie said.
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[18 Aug 2004|09:52pm]

"What the hell?!" Mischa yelped as she was putting on her hair up in a tight bun. It was rare that she ever let her hair down, especially in public.

"He kissed you last night and you're just now telling me this?!" She gave Jackie an accusing glare.

The two young women were walking together to the night club and bar that Jackie had told her about. Being more uptight than Jackie, and because Jackie was her friend, the sexiest clothes she found herself in were some tight hiphuggers, a red spaghetti strap with her black bra straps showing under it and knee high black boots. Normally, she wouldn't be caught dead wearing clothes like this anymore-- these were from her partying college days. Now she was trying to be more professional.

As they walked up to the club, the sound of the dance music pumping was getting her a little anxious. It reminded her that Luka was supposed to be there. Although they talked for a long time the night before, she still felt extremely nervous around him.

"All right, Jacks, where are they?" Mischa questioned as they entered the club, side by side.
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[18 Aug 2004|08:45pm]

The next day passed quickly and unusually quiet. Jackie had only had 2 new patients that day to add to her list of rounds as opposed to her usual 5 or 6. She was walking down the hallway, nearing the end of her list, as she remembered the night before. Carter had walked her home and they had said a shy good-bye, then he had kissed her. It was small, but it made Jackie feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. After checking the vitals and giving medicine to her last patient, Jackie headed for the staff room. Before she got there, she ran into Carter.
"Hi" he said softly.
"Hi. Do you think you want to go somewhere tonight?" Jackie said as she slid her hand down his arm.
"A little club that I know of. I was just off to invite a friend of mine, you can join us."
Jackie floated off to the staff room and inside she saw Mischa putting her coat away.
"Thought we might go clubbing tonight." Jackie said enthusiastically. Mischa sighed. "Come on, it'll be great." Mischa still didn't say anything. "What if Luka came?" At this Mischa paused in zipping up her jacket, and looked at Jackie.
"Yea, like he'd come clubbing."
"…I'll be right back."
But Jackie was already out the door.

Luka was sitting in the office near the lounge looking at the patient board. He had released two patients that day and it had also been less traumatic than usual. He pushed the board up and saw Jackie coming towards him.
“Uh, Doctor Kovac?”
“It’s Luka.”
“Well, Mischa and I were planning on going out tonight and... she was wondering if you wanted to come along?”
“Really? Well... there hasn’t been much going on today. I would like something to do to make me realize that it’s not still seven am in the morning. Sure, I’ll go.”
“Alright! We’ll meet you there. I’ll put your name on the list with Carter’s; he knows how to get there so you might want to go with him. See you there!” Jackie yelled back as she headed back to Mischa.
“Wait, Carter?!” Luka said, but Jackie didn’t hear.
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